Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleep Study

So I have been having headaches lately which I thought were from all the sinus problems I have but my dr referred me to have another MRI of my neck and a sleep study to see if there are other problems. The MRI came back with a bunch of stuff so I am off to see the neck guy 7/28 and last night was my sleep study at the Sound Sleep Center in Arbor Lakes.

So I get there at about 7:15 last night I get a little tour. I have a hotel style room, bathroom is across the hall, kitchen and shower are down the hall a little bit. 1 more person is coming at 8:30 and its just the Tech (Kamala), 8:30 guy(aka 8:30), and me for the entire night. My room and 8:30 are side by side.....across from the toilets.....Ish. So i change into my pajamas as instructed and fill out forms until she comes back and asks me to feed some wires down my pants legs (exact words)and some more down my shirt AND pants legs. I do as I am told and now have 4 wires with plugs sticking out the bottoms of my pants. She puts sticky pads on my legs and then plugs the wires into them. Same thing with about 12 more on my arms, chest, face, and neck. We were having some fun until 8:30 showed up and ruined the party. She gets him settled in to his room and then comes back with a tub of paste and says she is going to use to glue more leads to my head. She strapped 2 spandex belts around my chest and waist and then takes all the leads, plugs them into a battery pack which she hangs around my neck says to get comfortable. Well now, that is a request! Sometime later she came back in and took my battery pack off and tells me to get into bed and sleep on my back if I could. I normally sleep on my side because sleeping on my back exacerbates my leg problem but what the hey, I am a total team player. Oh and heres not 1 but 2 nose airway things to wear. I finally get to sleep and she wakes me up to tell me that the leads are coming off my face and she needs to re-stick them on and that I am having some apnea events and she wants to put me on a cpap machine. Joy..... so between getting up 2 more times to go pee plus countless more times for lead re-sticking, i am exhausted and when the dr comes in and asks how i slet, he is dumbfounded when i tell him 'not so good'. sheesh. anyway i had some apnea events so i am going to try a cpap machine...