Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 4 of my Stampin Jounral

I created a facebook page for my stamp class
My recent SU order arrived and I started playing with the ghost stamps and punch

Friday, August 19, 2016

Stampin Up Digital Journal Week 3

This was an expensive week for me and also a bit stressful.

1. I received my SU October stamp camp order earlier this week and I got so many fun things. I picked up some foxy paper to go with my punch and stamp set, the number framelits for dates on my scrapbook pages, the By The Shore TIEF and matching paper, and also a couple of the new in-colors.

2. I also put another SU order in this week for some bundles, sequins, that cute cableknit TIEF, and a box of catalogs to give out at my stamp camp in October. Total cost $151.50

3. I've hit a stand still on my studio cleanup project. I've run of places to put things away and think maybe I better stop buying so much stuff :). I've also run out of places to put the stuff i'm going to sell.  I'm trying not to be frustrated and I'm praying for guidance.

4. Despite my issues with my studio cleanup, my Big Shot Express is so cool. Its so much easier to cut things now. I've got MS and turning the handle was so difficult.  I finally may enjoy prepping for an event.

5. Lastly, I went to JoAnns and bought portable storage to haul my stuff to retreats & SU events. I've been using Creative Memories bags for 10 years and I finally sold them at my garage sale in May. I wish SU had wheeled totes with matching bags and other matching pieces like our competitors have. I had to use reusable grocery totes for my last couple retreats. Its a missed opportunity for free advertising. My total after coupons was $100+

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stampin Up Digital Journal

Between watching the Olympics and cleaning my studio, I haven't found much time to do anything for my business.

1. I'm still working on cleaning my studio. Its so disorganized and its going to take me another month of weekends. Im putting things aside to sell on craigslist. Total hours 10. Cost $0

2. I pulled the trigger on the buying a new Big Shot Express. I set it up yesterday but haven't used it yet. Time 1 hour. Total cost was $200

3. I sent out a 'Save The Date' for my October stamp camp and have my projects picked out. Time 5 hours. I paid $50 to reserve the room and I still need to figure out the food and participant cost.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Stampin Up Digital Journal

1. Scheduled a full day stamp and scrap camp for October
2. Project planning with the fox stamp set and punch builder
3. Started an organization class on scrapbook.com to clean my studio
4. My Big Shot broke a couple weeks ago so I'm researching buying a new BS manual or the more expensive electric one

Monday, August 1, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

Katrinas August Boats, Bugs, and Animals card swap

  • The boat card went to Debbie H and I also sent her one of the jar bug cards for her birthday. 
  • The bug and bug die cuts went to Katrina I and Denise U
  • The animal card and die cuts went to Katrina

Bug, Boat, and Animal cards

These are the animal diecuts I received from Denise

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Katrinas July Girly Card+10 items Swap July 2016

Here are my items for the card plus 10+ girly themed items. These went to Sheila M and Cozetta M

Katrinas July Pet Sympathy swap

heres my card for the Pet Sympathy swap. Card went to Amanda JL

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Katrinas July Steampunk card swap

Im in a new swap where I send one themed card to another paper crafter and she sends one oif the same theme to me. Heres the one I made for Samantha R

Monday, April 18, 2016

Paper Crafting Supplies

I've become a fan of stamp and die sets, which can be kind of expensive at times, so I'm always on the hunt for the best deals. Stampin Up sells my favorite sets but I also like Lawn Fawn7Gypsies, & Echo Park.

This Lawn Fawn card inspired me to create some A10 Birthday cards with the 'flying by' trailing behind the airplane.

For scrapbooking supplies, my favorites are October Afternoon and Graphic 45. These projects from the Graphic45 theme Voyage Beneath the Sea, especially this one, are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen and these have inspired me to buy each of the sets.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oatman, Arizona & Bullhead City, Nevada

We had some trouble with the pool warming up today so C called the pool guy and while we waited for him to come we headed over to Oatman AZ.
Map of Oatman's location in the Mohave Desert

Oatman is a former mining town just on the other side of the state line about 30 minutes East of Bullhead City Nevada and is on the original Route 66. There are two main roads linking Oatman to State Highway 95. One is paved and the other is a dirt road leading to Bullhead City about 25 miles away. The dirt road is in fairly good condition and is certainly a pleasurable egress from Oatman. The scenery along this route is excellent and will really make you feel like you're back in the untamed days of the old west.

You can see the old mines and a fascinating variety of desert vegetation and rock formations. Most of today's cars would have little trouble on this road when it is dry and our cellphones worked most of the way, too.


The draw for me are the wild burros, whose ancestors were brought in to haul rock out of the mines and were turned loose once the gold had dried up. 'Burro Chow' can be purchased at any of the main street stores but C new to bring carrots and when the Burros spotted them, we got mobbed.
Here's C, G, and me with a couple wild cuties. They are a bit dusty and may think your fingers are food but they are fun to pet and feed.
I had to give this one a little talking to because he was nipping at the others.
Not me from my best angle but what the 'hay'
Ken said this lady in the blue shirt was trying to feed them but she only had Burro Chow and they wanted our carrots. Apparently these burros are protected by the US Dept of Interior.


So this is like a modern wild west town. The roads are not paved and are somewhat rocky and there are bitty shops along main street with touristy type things. Anything from rocks and antiques that were better left in the dessert to this shop with postcards, magnets, and hats and a proprietor who thought it was funny to put a fart machine behind this guy and 'let 'er rip' when people looked at him.
The Oatman Hotel is a must see for a number of reasons;

  1. the food was good (I had a chix quesadilla)
  2. the walls are lined with autographed dollar bills and number in the thousands
  3. its the oldest 2 story adobe structure in Mohave county
  4. it was the honeymoon stop of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable and the hotel has preserved the suite. Apparently Mr Rhett Butler had a real fondness for the area and loved to play poker
  5. its the home of Oatie the ghost

G&C above and K&I to the right
Outside of the preserved Lombard and Gable suite are many thought provoking artifacts


Around 2pm, the Shriner's did a little 'bank robbery' skit out in the street. The 'cowboy volunteers did a great job and this is a try to see it if your hear kind of experience.

One of the bank robbers

Here's the sheriff who was on the job for his 1st day.

He had a hard time stopping the robbers......
The shot him......
and he shot back........
But the sheriff survived because he stole his wifes pot lid and used it as a shield.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Las Vegas Nevada & Bullhead City Arizona: 2 states, 1 day

Ken and I woke up in Las Vegas Nevada and we are going to bed in Bullhead City Arizona. Ok so Bullhead City is a border town of Laughlin but its still technically 2 states in one day. If we had come here yesterday I could have said we had hit three states in 1 day.

I woke up at 7am and like ships passing in the night Ken was coming back to bed after getting up at 5 to have breakfast and play some blackjack. I went down to Golden Nugget (Las Vegas) for some coffee and people watching.

I met a friend, a couple actually. Birds were landing at my feet looking for treats and 1 even landed on my table and tried to eat my lemon pound cake. 

After I came back to the room Ken and I drove down to Sams Town for an hours. We lost $60 but that hotel has a lot of good memories for us. 

After Sams Town, we took a nap and waited for C to give us the word that G was ok and we could head over to Bullhead City to stay at their beautiful rented house. Im not a mountain fan but the view was pretty nice to look at while I wasnt sleeping. 

C made some strawberry dacquiries for us as soon as we walked in and gave me a tour of the house. 

Heres the pool and patio

the kitchen

and our bedroom 

Wefinished the night by playing a game of cribbage out by the pool. 

its hard to get this but they have a nice view of Laughlin from their pool area. 

Good night!