Friday, July 21, 2017

Creative Process

Ryan Holidays workflow on how to write a book

Im fascinated by the creative process and how others document their work and flow. This pictorial article by Ryan Holliday has lots of tips for the creative process.

I've done the note card thing for awhile for studying and for organizing my day via the GTD method so I especially enjoyed the notecard filing box and found his exhaustive post on he uses it to organize his notes as a reminder that I need to keep up with it and also that it might help me with scrapbooking. More to come.....

Monday, July 3, 2017

My Judgmental Self

I've been reading this Post Election Thoughts blog post from Lara Casey and I am floored by her truth, confessions, and humility.

Please go read her post before continuing because its a life lesson.


Is calling Pres Trump a misogynistic, hate monger and then saying but 'i'm going to pray for him' hypocritical double speak? Maybe, I don't know but since November 2016, I've never felt such sadness as I do with the current state of the country. I've cried at things the POTUS has said and at the way I imagine he has made people feel. I've been frightened, and frustrated, and felt hatred towards him and then felt guilty at feeling those things when I should be praying for him and the rest of our worlds leaders.

Though I still have some general negativity, Laras blog has opened my eyes. These issues affect all of us. Despite my personal safety net of race and income level, I (we) are all impacted by the culture he is nurturing in the white house.

For example, those women DT feels the need to sexualize are someones daughters, sisters, friends, wives, and mothers. The Muslims he wants to ban from the county may be the scientists who cure cancer. Those living in poverty, who he doesn't want to associate himself with could be the POTUS when they grow up.

We don.t have to support him  but we should pray for him and all of our leaders. Letters to our senators and congressman might help too.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cat and Dog Football Players

Playing a little game with the kids. We've got a ton of sports cards and for some reason I thought it may be funny to glue dog and cat heads to the sports cards and give the players funny names. like Cat Newton. I mean c'mon a Cam Newton card with a cats face, that's funny right?

Here's my beloved MN Twins;

  1. 'Cat' Belisle (Matt)
  2. Jose 'Boneios' (Berrios)
  3. Buddy Boshers
  4. Tyler Duffey
  5. 'Feral' Gibson (Kyle)
  6. Trevor 'Hiss'enberger (Hildenberger)
  7. 'Fish' Hughes (Phil)
  8. 'Canine' 'Kibbler' (Brandon Kintzler)
  9. Adelberto Mejia
  10. 'Yarn' Pressly (Ryan)
  11. 'Catnip' Santana (Ervin)
  12. 'Caterwaul' Santiago (Hector)
  13. 'Jaw'son Castro (Jason)
  14. Chris Giminez
  15. Brian Dozier
  16. Ed'fang'o Escobar (Eduardo)
  17. 'Gnaw' Mauer (Joe)
  18. Jorge 'Feli'nco (Polanco)
  19. Miguel Sano
  20. Byron Buxton
  21. 'Rattie' Grossman (Robbie)
  22. Max 'Kibble' (Keppler)
  23. Eddie Rosario
  24. 'Kennel' 'Harness' (Kennys Vargas)
  25. Craig Breslow
  26. Justin 'Howley' (Haley)
  27. 'Tabbie' May (Trevor)
  28. Ryan 'O'Rabies' (O'Rourke)
  29. Glen 'Purebred' (Perkins)

Hound, Chew, Howl, Bowl, Gnarl, Leash, Menace, Mongrel, Mutt, Neuter, Pant, Pedigree, Puppy, Rawhide, Pooch, Rump, Sport, Spot, Stray, Spay, Shelter, Snarl, Tick, Terror, Terrier, Lick, Tick, Treat, Vaccine, Vet, Vicious, Wag, Whisker, Whine, Audubon, Buzzard, Beak, Snout, Cheep, Chick, Claw, Eggs, Estuary, Feather, Flight, Fledgling, Flock, Formation, Flutter, Habitat, Hunter, Migrate, Ornithology, Nest, Peck, Perch, Raptor, Rodent, Roost, Rooster, Chicken, Songbird, Squirrel, Talon, Fowl, Waterfowl, Wing, Beehive, Beeswax, Creature, Catnip, Colony, Drone, Fertilize, Larvae, Nectar, Pest, Pollinate, Smell, Sting, Stink, Swarm,

Other famous players
  1. Barkus Mariota
  2. Ben Rothlesbarker
  3. Cat Newton
  4. Ryan Fitzcatrick
  5. Cat Ryan
  6. Aaron Scratchers
  7. Catson Palmer
  8. Carson Meowmer
  9. Feline Hunter (Deneal)
  10. Matt Barkley (real name)
  11. Joe Catco
  12. DeBarko Murrey
  13. Dak Prescatt
  14. Hairy Fitzcatrick
  15. Cat Stafford
  16. Cat Forte
  17. Amoewy Cooper
  18. Cordelle Caatterson
  19. Marshawn Loon
  20. Marshawn Finch
  21. Rob Gronmeowski
  22. Julio Hounds
  23. Jordy Meowson
  24. Blake Barkles
  25. Tomy Barky (Brady)
  26. Odell Barkham Jr
  27. Catson Wentz
  28. Kitty Kaepernik
  29. Kirk Catsins
  30. Bark Favre
  31. Eli Meowning
  32. Bark Bortles
  33. Stepehn Kitty kowski
  34. Blake Turtles
  35. Meow Evens (Mike)
  36. Tiki Barker
  37. Meowveon Bell
  38. Ezebra Elliot