Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last Day in Salt Lake City

I am partially rested and ready to go home. Convention was the best thing I have done in awhile but I miss Ken and the kids and the piglets and I am going through withdrawel for my stamp room.

Here is a quick rundown of yesterday.
I got up at 6 and met Darla at 7:30 but our make and takes didnt start until 9 so we took some pictures and went to Memento Mall one last time. I got some surprises for my 2011-2012 hostesses and a great gift for my next recruit. We didnt get our make and takes done in the alotted 2 hours and probably wouldnt have got them done even if they had given us another hour. They are cute though, especially the fabric card box. We had lunch and then had General Session from 1-4:30. there were walks across the stage (100k-1m lifetime personal sales) and an incredibly moving presentation from Rich Jutkins. He promoted the reason that I have stayed with Stampin Up for all these years and proved why this is a true Christian company with integrity. I cant help but compare Stampin Up to the other , unnamed, direct sales company I work for who pales in comparison. Anyway, there were 2 more prize patrols (holiday mini bundle and a MDS bundle) and I still didnt win but I left with so much free product that I know I will have to pay an extra $25 bucks to get my suitcase on the plane. I have pictures to post and am going to make extra CDS with all my pictures. LMK if you want one. Take care, miss you, I will be home soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 3 Stampin Up Convention 2011 (11:00pm)

Its Friday and we are most of the way through Stampin Up convention 2011. Today was a long but thoroughly enjoyable day. We had classes from 8-11 this morning and then a 2 hour lunch followed by General Session and Prize Patrol. I still didnt win ;(

I had dinner with Darla at the Little America Coffee Shop. They are rated high for their food and its well deserved although the server could have been a little more friendly.

From 7-9pm, I went to a special class I had signed up for called 'Village of Cuteness'. It was definately cute and I cant wait to show it to you but I have to figure out some way to get my projects home plus all the free product they gave us. I took, I dont know how many pictures, but probably in the hundreds and will post some but I need to get them burned to a disc first because I cant upload to my computer. I gotta go to bed, sorry. I will try to share more tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 2 Stampin Up Convention 2011 (4:00 pm)

I have an hour and a half breather before Awards night and then an after party so I am going to trying to fill in all the datails for the day while I still remember them.

Today was my favorite day of convention ever. I spent the day with a friend I made on the way to convention, Darla, who happens to be staying at the same hotel. She and I went to General Session together which was fabulous. Shelli gave us a preview of the Holiday mini and then gave us each a pack to take home, hello goodies! Also Pam Morgan and prize patrol gave out a brand new tool called 'Simply Scoring' which is a much better version of the Scor Pal. Memento Mall is selling fabric bags for the Simply Scoring tool but i dont think the bag will be in the catalogue. We had lunch and then headed over to Memento Mall where I bought some cute pens for my club girls and a couple of surprises for my workshop hostesses. The line was so long in the MM that we were late to our first class which was Workshop #1(A) which gave me some great project ideas. My 2nd class was Workshop #2 (B) which als had great ideas and then we had an afternoon General Session. Ughh, i am so exhausted and just want to go to bed but I need to take a quick shower and get ready for the evening.

Day 2 Stampin Up Convention 2011 (6:30 am)

Good Morning Salt Lake City and my friends in Minnesota!!!

I got up at 5:45 this morning so I would have time to get ready for my day. I ordered room service and had french toast and ham, orange juice, and tea and I have to say it was worth every exhorbitant penny.

I finally went through the contents of my bag and here are the contents;
1 fabulous bag. This is the same configuration and compisition as the Demo bag except it is embroidered with blue and green flowers and has 2 metal tags, 1 attached and 1 of the keychain variety.

I also recieved 4 stamp sets; Best Friends Forever, Raining Flowers, Easy Events, and Its Your Day. I need to get busy mounting these for classes today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 1 of Stampin Up Convention 2011

I checked into my hotel (Little America)at about 5 oclock tonight and took most of an hour getting my stuff put away and trying to get a frig ordered for my room. This is a 4 star hotel and there is no frig? anyway, here are the highlights;

The kickoff party was a blast! I left my cell phone at the hotel so i didnt have any way of finding my group so I made a couple new friends; Cresta and Jessica. It was their first convention and their excitement rubbed off on me. Stampin Up Prize Patrol gave away so many prizes that I am not sure there are any left for the rest of convention. SERIOUSLY, they had a game or some random drawing about every 15 minutes for 2 hours and there were probably 25 winners for each game. The prizes were amazing too.

I brought 200 swaps and traded about half and hopefully will do the rest tomorrow. There are some pretty cool ideas in my batch and I will share them when I get home. ***warning soap box**** if you ever have the opportunity to swap in person with strangers, dont say no to anyone. a first time swapper was nearly in tears after someone told her they didnt want to swap with her after they swapped with her friend. its really a shame that you cant just think of it as a gift if you think they didnt put as much effort into their swaps as you did. ok - off the soapbox....

I actually left the party early, as soon as my swaps were done, because I was exhausted and my leg hurt. It was definately a challenge getting back to the hotel and i think i walked about a mile when its really only about 6 blocks, maybe i should have brought my gps. ok, gotta take a shower and then go to bed.