Friday, October 30, 2015

Please load the dishwasher the correct way

Domestic Science: How to Load a Miele

I don't have a Miele dishwasher or any sort of trumped up rocket dishwasher, just a plain old Frigidaire. By old I mean 10 years or more. My old dishwasher doesn't have any of the special features this one has but the loading concept is the same.

When I read this article, it was like YES, someone else knows my pain and when I read specific directions and was also provided with visual aids, I nearly wept. Long ago, when my children lived at home and more recently when they came back home with girlfriends, wives, children, and a cat, I had to do some serious reconditioning of said children on how to properly load a dishwasher. I didn't think it was rocket science but apparently not everyone understands dishwasher physics, this the haphazard way bowls, cups, pan and silverware were just chucked any old way. Frustration!

As of writing, all children have moved on to separate living quarters leaving me to a peaceful house for my husband and I. Now I if could just get the cat to load his food and water bowls.....