Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Genie Bra - Comfortable design or the BEST BRA EVER MADE??????

I am just past the 24 hour mark of new Genie bra ownership and I have to say that without a doubt this is the single best clothing purchase I have ever made!

I went on my least favorite shopping trip, BRAs, and couldn't find a single one, NOT ONE, in the whole of Target, in my size so I had to resort to a box of 2 bras that come in sizes like S (yeah right), M, XXL, etc. I grabbed the biggest and prayed for the best and now 16 hours later I dont want to take it off. I am actually going to wear it to bed and see if it keeps me from 'uncomfortably rolling around amongst my breasts'.

If you need a new bra, run to your nearest target and get some of these magical pieces of fabric.