Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogs I Follow

I havent written in a long time. I dont know why, I guess the newness finally wore off I just havent done anything interesting. Regardless I am posting now.

There are a couple changes in my blog. Apparently its a pain to post comments so I enabled them to be posted without having to register (I hope I dont come to regret this). Please dont post anything offensive.

Next I added a section about blogs I follow. The only one that is there now is my friend Barbs son who is in Malawi for the Peace Corp. He provides fascinating information in a witty way and i enjoy reading about his adcentures. More blogs I follow will come soon.

My friend Kathy suggested I create a blog for Stampin Up only. That what this blog was supposed to be but I never stayed true to it. I will be creating a new blog for Stampin Up and will provide the link soon.

I recently watched a documentary about the Amish Passage Rite - Rumspringa, called Devils Playground. It was quite interesting as I have almost no experience with Amish culture but have been curious about it. Here is the wiki link; and I would suggest you check it out given the opportunity and the inclination. If anyone knows about Amish culture, can you confirm;
- Amish only stay 'Amish' because they are afraid of going to Hell?
- During Rumspringa, the youth mostly drink, smoke and do drugs? do they do anything else?