Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why do we go to church?

***Note, this is another post where I threw some ideas on a page out but then didn't finish editing so this was several weeks ago the Saturday night before Easter. I am too tired to edit anymore but I am sure you get the idea ***

Ken and I went to church Saturday night instead of attending the Easter Sunday service at the request of our wonderful pastor, Dave Reno, so that chairs would be available for first timers at Easter morning services.

I expected a retelling of the crucifixion and was quite disappointed, as was Ken, when it became apparent that Dave had other plans. Instead of a re-birth, we heard things we need to be doing as Christians because we are NOT in a Once Saved, Always Saved kind of Christian life and again, Dave blessed me with his great knowledge although I didnt quite appreciate until I started really thinking about it, thus the post several weeks later;
1-RECOGNIZE. REALIZE. It never occurred to me that I was sinning without realizing it.
2-CONFESS YOUR SIN and ask for forgiveness.
3-COMMIT. Remove the sin instigators and pray for strength

For me, I also need to learn. I used to think that I didn't have to go to church to be a Christian, but I was dead wrong. Going to church is educational and rewarding. Just do it!

Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream - David Platt

***Please note, this post was started a few months ago and I forgot to go back and edit/post so 'last Sunday' was actually a few months ago***

For the last several weeks, our pastor has been talking about what it means to be a radical Christian. We are using David Platts book, Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream, as our resource. The discussion last Sunday was around what radical changes we were willing to make with our money and time. You might be thinking that this was another fundraising sermon from a pastor trying to get money but Dave Reno, Pastor of Grace Fellowship in Brooklyn Park, MN isn't like that. Dave doesn't say give me your money, he just says give to something or someone.

Ken said he thought Dave's sermon made a lot of people uncomfortable. He seen some toe tapping and attendance seems lower than usual but for me, it's been an eye opening experience, maybe even life changing. I KNOW that I need to be freaky for Jesus and that I need to give more time & money but I didnt realized just how selfish I am. It occurred to me that I could donate my Disney fund to something more important than a vacation for Ken, Austin, & I so when I brought it up to Ken and he said absolutely not, I never said another word. We did adopt 2 more children from Childrens International and upped our tithing to a slightly uncomfortable level, especially since I didn't have a job then but its still very affordable since we haven't really had to change our lifestyle AND we just bought a new car.

.......Its late. I'm tired and I cant think of how I want to edit this post or how I am going to address the radical lifestyle idea but I am going to pray about it. In the mean time ........

Did you know that 26k children die every day due to starvation or preventable disease? Did you know that nearly everyone in the US can donate more of their time and money?

If this inspired you to do something, please post and inspire me to do more.

Learning Lessons From Kids

Today was a busy day but one well spent and a life lesson learned from a 9 year old.

I spent the morning cleaning out the garage and then taking my garage sale leftovers, from 2 months ago, to the Goodwill. I had lunch with my friend Marilyn at Truffles in Tortes in Anoka and then Ken & I took Austin and Hannah to the MN Zoo. By the time Jesse picked up Hannah, I was more than a little tired and a little cranky too. Not super cranky, just on edge from a day with little time to myself.

Ken went to bed and Austin and I weren't tired yet so I turned on an old America's Got Talent and while watching it, Austin had to teach me a lesson in acceptance. This dorky comedian was getting ready to come on stage and I rolled my eyes and I told Austin that this guy was going to be a disaster. He says Gramma, how do you know that? You should give him a chance, he might turn out to be good. And ya know how the story ends.....the guy was good.