Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 2 Animal Kingdom- September 7th 2012

Day 2 Animal Kingdom Happy Birthday Ken! We overslept and didn't get up until 830 and after getting ready and eating a free buffet breakfast at the hotel (nothing to write home about) we got to Animal Kingdom at around 10am and left at about 4 to head over to Cocoa Beach. Our handicapped parking pass and scooter saved the day at AK with parking the car and on the rides because Disney has separate lines for disabled guests. We were quite concerned with Kens ability to walk because the orthopedist told him he should NOT be walking long distances until after his surgery but Disney made it a piece of cake. One problem we had though is that the other guests do not respect the scooter. They will walk right in front of you and you have to hit the brakes to not run over them or they don't leave a wide enough gap to drive through. Here is a walk thru of our day at AK -Oasis Birds Exhibit. Lush, beautiful, interesting -Festival of the Lion King (FANTASTIC) -Tree of Life -Discovery Island and the Bugs Life 3D adventure (VERY multi-dimensional, realistic, and kind of scary) -The Boneyard Dig Site (think Science Museum meets Jurassic Park) -Primeval Whirl ride (snooze) -Kilimanjaro Safari (tied with the Festival of the Lion King for day favorite!) We left at 4pm intending to go back to the hotel to rest and change and then go to Cocoa Beach but it started to rain so we went to Chik-Fil-A for dinner and then went back to the room and had a restful evening. ***Hijack I always thought it was 'Chick Fill a' but its actually Chick Filet - like ballet*** I secretly ordered a birthday cake for Ken and had it delivered to our room. I am going to hop in the tub and then head to bed so I don't oversleep tomorrow.

Day 1 Orlando - September 6, 2012

Day 1- Fly to Orlando 9/6/2012 We got up at 4 this morning to make an 8am flight to Orlando. Austin was invited into the cockpit and the flight attendants gave him his 'first flight' wings. We had a nice first class flight. Our hotel (Buena Vista Suites) is very nice. We have a 600 sf, first floor suite, car parked right outside and its close to the parks. The hotel is not very busy and we paid waaaaaay less than a Disney hotel. I would recommend it but there is one problem with the concierge and that is they are trying to book timeshare appts and they give you the shark look every time you walk in the lobby.