Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stampin Up Event this Saturday October 1st 2011 Osseo Minnesota

I have a slew of classes and clubs starting this Fall. Beginning next month I will have 4 new clubs that will meet each month (Cards, 3D, Big Shot, and Scrap) and 3 classes that will meet alternating months (stamp a stack, wow cards, and make an album in a day). Come to my Stampapalooza or send me an email for more info.

I have lots of retired product to sell, new classes and clubs starting this Fall, and some prize drawings etc. Please rsvp at if you are coming and you will be able to do a make and take.

I am hosting a card and ATC swap on Linked In. Check out my groups on my Linked In profile for more information.

The kittens are wonderful. Fat and sassy like me. The white male just opened his eyes this weekend. His fur is very soft and his tail and ears are just starting to turn grey like his siamese mother. He is very quiet and still doesnt meow much. The tiger striped I think is a female, not a male like i previously posted. She is going to be very big like her daddy. She is also as noisy as her brother is quiet. She is also quite concerned when Gideon peeks his nose in the nest and I caught her hissing at him the other day. It was sort of cute. Mischa does NOT like me picking them up nor does she like people in the room. She gets all crazy and tries to hide the kittens. I had to root around the house twice now because she moved them. One has been adopted, which one is still tbd, but the other is still available.

I am still collecting card fronts for st judes childrens ranch. I have nearly 600 cards in hand and another 200 that people are working on but I still need 200 more by the end of October to meet my personal goal for this year. Please let me know if you have any card fronts you can donate.

I have been thinking about my parents lately, so much so, that yesterday I re-published my moms Legacy account via the Star and Tribune obituary site. I wish I could do my Dads too but apparently they didnt have legacy accounts when my dad died. Anyway, I will post a link sometime or you can go out to star and and search for it Joann Morehouse died in 2008.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have new kittens in the house!!!!

I wish I could post pictures but the stupid software for my camera doesnt work, or maybe its just me. Note to self, call Jesse for help with the camera software and ask for an android tutorial while he's here.

Anyway, I suspected Mischa was in labor so i brought up the nesting box, which she promptly left and Austin and I had to go looking for her.

After we finally found her, I locked her in the extra bedroom and within the next 2 hours she had 2 beautiful boy kittens; one snow white and one brown tiger striped. I am thinking of calling them names from Jungle Book but I am not sure yet.

When I got up the next morning, there was a third kitten who wasnt moving. i dont know if she was born dead or not but it broke my heart.

These will be adoptable sometime in November after I am comfortable that have completely weaned. I have a potential home for the tiger striped but the white one is still available. contact me if you are interested.