Monday, December 17, 2012

Super Easy-n-Tasty Frosted Sugar Cookies

I made these this weekend with Logan and Dominic and we had such a good time. The cookies are delicious too. Ingredients; - 1 pkg Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix - 1 softened stick of butter - 1 egg - 2 T. Vanilla (real is way better than imitation) - 1 C. powdered sugar - 2 T cream - 2 T flavoring and some food coloring (i mixed up the following batches) == Orange with Orange food coloring (substitute Grand Marnier for adult cookies) == Almond with Blue or Yellow food coloring (substitute Amaretto for adult cookies) == Cherry with Red food coloring == Mint with Green food coloring Directions - Cookies 1. Preheat the Oven to whatever the cookie package says 2. Mix the cookie mix with egg and butter and vanilla 3. Make dough balls and slightly flatten, bake 13 minutes 4. When done, set aside and let cool Directions - Frosting 1. Add powdered sugar to a ziplock bag 2. Add cream, flavoring and food coloring to bag and squeeze til mixed 3. Cut the corner off the bag (tiny hole) and frost cookies. This is fun and easy for kids. The amaretto frosting is seriously the best I have ever tasted

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 2 Animal Kingdom- September 7th 2012

Day 2 Animal Kingdom Happy Birthday Ken! We overslept and didn't get up until 830 and after getting ready and eating a free buffet breakfast at the hotel (nothing to write home about) we got to Animal Kingdom at around 10am and left at about 4 to head over to Cocoa Beach. Our handicapped parking pass and scooter saved the day at AK with parking the car and on the rides because Disney has separate lines for disabled guests. We were quite concerned with Kens ability to walk because the orthopedist told him he should NOT be walking long distances until after his surgery but Disney made it a piece of cake. One problem we had though is that the other guests do not respect the scooter. They will walk right in front of you and you have to hit the brakes to not run over them or they don't leave a wide enough gap to drive through. Here is a walk thru of our day at AK -Oasis Birds Exhibit. Lush, beautiful, interesting -Festival of the Lion King (FANTASTIC) -Tree of Life -Discovery Island and the Bugs Life 3D adventure (VERY multi-dimensional, realistic, and kind of scary) -The Boneyard Dig Site (think Science Museum meets Jurassic Park) -Primeval Whirl ride (snooze) -Kilimanjaro Safari (tied with the Festival of the Lion King for day favorite!) We left at 4pm intending to go back to the hotel to rest and change and then go to Cocoa Beach but it started to rain so we went to Chik-Fil-A for dinner and then went back to the room and had a restful evening. ***Hijack I always thought it was 'Chick Fill a' but its actually Chick Filet - like ballet*** I secretly ordered a birthday cake for Ken and had it delivered to our room. I am going to hop in the tub and then head to bed so I don't oversleep tomorrow.

Day 1 Orlando - September 6, 2012

Day 1- Fly to Orlando 9/6/2012 We got up at 4 this morning to make an 8am flight to Orlando. Austin was invited into the cockpit and the flight attendants gave him his 'first flight' wings. We had a nice first class flight. Our hotel (Buena Vista Suites) is very nice. We have a 600 sf, first floor suite, car parked right outside and its close to the parks. The hotel is not very busy and we paid waaaaaay less than a Disney hotel. I would recommend it but there is one problem with the concierge and that is they are trying to book timeshare appts and they give you the shark look every time you walk in the lobby.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old Person Wisdom

I have realized that there are some things that you can NOT learn until you reach a certain age. Screwing around at work for example. I used to do it once in awhile, maybe a lot of us have, but I don’t do it any more, ever. I rarely even have 5 minute cube conversations. Not because I am so worried about my image but because its just not fun....or funny. I do a little internal cringe when I think about some of the stuff I have done that seemed so innocuous at the time but now, ugh would anyone hire me if they knew that i did stuff like this? My friends at SA will remember the time I brought in a kids sized tent I had bought at a garage sale. For some reason (I say that soooo much) I decided to set it up at my cube and then I got inside and layed down. My head was sticking out the door when my boss walked in and I was embarrassed but not as embarrassed as I should have been or as I would be today if it happened. I also tied 3 office chairs together once and talked my friends into 'rowing' down the hallway. Not only did we get in trouble but my boss got in trouble from his boss for encouraging us. As I have gotten older, not only do I not do stupid stuff at work anymore but I appreciate things like my family and friends. My husband, children, and grandchildren are such a blessing and I thank God for them every day. I do not take my friendships lightly either, although I have become more selective, really drawing close those people that make a beautiful difference in my life. Friends; if I havent told you lately how much I love you, I LOVE YOU! Lastly, I don’t think you need to get old to appreciate life and all that God has given you but as I have gotten old(er), I notice things that I havent before. Like how really beautiful nature is. When you step back and look at all of what God created (how can anyone think its an accident?), you really appreciate the work that God put into the world for us. We live in an awesome, beautiful, God created, world that we should take time to fully appreciate. Does everyone have to get old to get smarter or is it just me? p.s. I am not to old to have fun, I am just smart enough to wait until I get home to do it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sermon on the Mount

This is the last week of a series of sermons from our local church, Grace Fellowship, on 169 and about 101st in Brooklyn Park, MN.

The series has been on the Sermon on the Mount which includes the central tenets of Christianity. I learned what a 'Beatitude' was and had a long standing question on OSAS answered. If you have never read the Sermon on the Mount or if its been a while, I encourage you to read Matthew 5-7 yourself and get re-charged. God is the greatest asset, ally, friend, father, and savior that we all have and we need to learn about and then practice these things. Some of the blessings are difficult (love thy enemies, hoarding treasures) and some are easier but I do encourage you to join me in committing to perfection by reading the Sermon on the Mount and then praying for strength. Love and miss you!

Citrus Salmon and Spicy Rice recipe

I made this for dinner last night and it was yummo

Put this in a rice cooker and cook until done
-1 part wild rice
-1 part diced tomato with green chili
-1 ¼ parts water
-1 chix bullion cube
*I used the can that my tomatos came in to measure the water and rice and it would serve about 4.

When the rice is nearly complete;
1. saute ½ red onion
2. juice 1 large orange
add the orange juice and onion to the rice when done

-Preheat the oven to 400, salt the salmon and cook for 20-25 mins

When there is 5 mins left on the fish;
-add 1/3 cup agave or honey and 3 T fresh orange juice and cook on high heat for 2 minutes. Use this as a glaze for fish.