Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have a reminder on my calendar to read an inspirational message that will help me better myself. The website is ( The one I read today was under Choices - Decisions - Commitment and was called 7 Keys for Joyful Living. Here is a blurb but I encourage you to check it out.

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE - Nothing will bring you joy more than knowing what it is that you are about on this earth.

LIVE PURPOSEFULLY - Let your actions and schedule reflect your purpose. Don't react to circumstances and let them cause you to live without your purpose fully in sight.

STRETCH YOURSELF - Whatever you are doing, stretch yourself to do more!

GIVE MORE THAN YOUR TAKE - It brings happiness to accumulate.

SURPRISE YOURSELF AND OTHERS TOO - Every once in a while, do the unexpected. It will put a little joy in your life, and theirs.

INDULGE YOURSELF SOMETIMES. - If you will allow yourself an infrequent indulgence as a reward for a job well done and a life well lived, you will appreciate the indulgence and experience the joy of it.

LAUGH A LOT! - Learn to laugh daily, even if you have to learn to laugh in bad situations.

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