Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cheap Family Vacation Alert – Wisconsin Dells 2 people, mid week, $199 All Inclusive

Do you like waterparks?

Do you like to eat and drink and not worry about the cost while you are on vacation?

Plus its in Wisconsin Dells so if you are in the Twin Cities, its about a 4 hour car ride.

The Chula Vista resort in Wisconsin Dells has an all inclusive package for 2 people/2 nights for $199 from now through January 27. This fabulous deal includes;
· 2 nights in a standard room
· All you can eat
· All you can drink (frozen drinks, mixed drinks, beer, and wine)
· Waterpark passes

This has been very fun and affordable for our family and we are planning to go again in a few weeks which will be our third time in the last 12 months. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. The food is pretty good and the buffet has all you can eat crab legs
2. The waterpark is enormous. It has 6 big slides and multiple areas for babies, toddlers, and bigger kids plus it has a lazy river.
3. The 2 room family suite, which is huge, is the same price as the standard room. It has a balcony which overlooks the river and the board walk. It has a separate bedroom, livingroom with sofabed, table/chairs, and a frig and microwave.
4. Free beverages include pop, wine, beer, frozen drinks, and mixed drinks. Bottled beverages are not included.
5. You can upgrade to a theme room or a Jacuzzi suite for only $50 more a night
6. You can stay an additional night or 2 for $99/night per 2 people

1. Some of the rooms are a ways from the waterpark. The theme rooms are the furthest and are a good 10 minutes. The family suites are closest to the restaurants and are about 5 minutes. I have not stayed in a regular room but I think they are similar in location to the family suites. I have heard that the Condos are the closest but I don’t think these are in the all inclusive deal.
2. Some of the rooms are not connected to the waterpark so I guess you have to walk outside. The theme rooms and the family suites are connected.
3. This probably goes without saying but because its all inclusive, you cant take food with you back to your room.
4. I think the service staff are used to getting stiffed because some of them have attitudes.
5. The frozen drinks are quite weak
6. Not all restaurants are included

1. The lines can be long to wait for food or drinks at the waterpark grill and you can only order 2 drinks at a time. We eat dinner early at the buffet but I think the lines are long there too if you wait much past 6 to eat dinner.
2. The rates are only inclusive for 2 people so if you have kids, each kid is an extra $50 per night.
3. The deal is only good for mid-week, during pre-established dates. You can get an all-inclusive package at other times of the year but its several hundred dollars for 2 nights.

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