Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Removing Nasty Odors

I have memberships in many different types of groups on 'Linked In' and one of them is a Home Stagers group. When I requested membership, it seemed interesting but now I follow it regularly because of the great, cheap decorating tips. Recently a stager was looking for ways to get rid of cooking odors that have seemingly seeped into to the carpet, walls and woodwork and the responses were quite helpful. Here is a summary of ways to get rid of lingering household smells;
  1. Replace air filters
  2. Clean sink traps
  3. Have the ducts cleaned
  4. Saturate anything that doesnt stain with an enzyme spray
  5. Spray the rooms with a homemade spray using distilled water and these essential oils; lavendar, lemongrass, eucalyptus
  6. Put a new 10 lb bag of charcoal in the room with the heaviest smell

Let me know if you have others.

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