Monday, December 17, 2012

Super Easy-n-Tasty Frosted Sugar Cookies

I made these this weekend with Logan and Dominic and we had such a good time. The cookies are delicious too. Ingredients; - 1 pkg Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix - 1 softened stick of butter - 1 egg - 2 T. Vanilla (real is way better than imitation) - 1 C. powdered sugar - 2 T cream - 2 T flavoring and some food coloring (i mixed up the following batches) == Orange with Orange food coloring (substitute Grand Marnier for adult cookies) == Almond with Blue or Yellow food coloring (substitute Amaretto for adult cookies) == Cherry with Red food coloring == Mint with Green food coloring Directions - Cookies 1. Preheat the Oven to whatever the cookie package says 2. Mix the cookie mix with egg and butter and vanilla 3. Make dough balls and slightly flatten, bake 13 minutes 4. When done, set aside and let cool Directions - Frosting 1. Add powdered sugar to a ziplock bag 2. Add cream, flavoring and food coloring to bag and squeeze til mixed 3. Cut the corner off the bag (tiny hole) and frost cookies. This is fun and easy for kids. The amaretto frosting is seriously the best I have ever tasted

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