Friday, July 21, 2017

Creative Process & Goal Setting

Ryan Holidays workflow on how to write a book

Im fascinated by the creative process and how others document their work and flow. This pictorial article by Ryan Holliday has lots of tips for the creative process.

I've done the note card thing for awhile for studying and for organizing my day via the GTD method so I especially enjoyed the notecard filing box and found his exhaustive post on he uses it to organize his notes as a reminder that I need to keep up with it and also that it might help me with scrapbooking. More to come.....

Totally Tiffany's What Did Yo Do Today to Move Yourself Closer To Your Goals - WDYDT;

  1. Goals and Rewards
  2. Great pictures of her WDYDT notebook. She has a fantastic layered system with sections for each goal. see pic at the bottom

fig 1: Totally Tiffanys What Did You Do Today Goals Notebook

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