Friday, August 7, 2009

Home From the Mayo

Preparing for my trip to the Mayo clinic was mentally exhausting as I just kept thinking that this was my last attempt and that no one was ever going to help me. At the last minute, I threw a book in my suitcase called Surprise Me God, a 30 day faith experiment by Terry Esau (Minnesota author). I am not even sure how I got this book or how it became readily available right when I was walking out the door but apparently God surprised me before I even asked him to.

When I got to the hotel, I didnt really want to stop reading my current book but I had so much anxiety, I just read the first couple of pages to see if it would calm me down. It did. I really wanted to ask God to give me the ability to completely convey my symptoms since that has sort of been a challenge for me but I kept it Surprise me and then went to bed.

The mayo doesnt mess around, when they get you there, they keep you. I checked in at 6:35am and didnt get back to my room until 6pm. Here are the tests I had, what I know so far and when I have to go back;

Tests Yesterday
Hip xrays
Nerve study
MRI Head
MRI Neck
MRI Back

See spine specialist on August 28th
Test results and plan September 3rd

So what they think so far is that my leg pain is caused by my left femoral nerve. He called it soemthing special but I cant remember. The only 2 procedures to fix it is to do steroid injections in the groin or 'hunt and peck' surgery and apparently neither of them are likely to have positive outcomes because its so hard to find the exact problem.

He also said that I might have some spine problems which are causing the tingling in my extremities and now in my groin (sounds more fun than it is).

The nerve studies were quite painful and I had some anxiety during the 90 minutes I was squeezed in the tube of death the mayo calls the MRI machine but i do feel like they can help me.

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