Friday, August 28, 2009

News from the Mayo

I am back from round 2 at the Mayo. Note to self: next time you stay overnight, stay at the Grand, its worth the extra $30 for a room.

I seen Dr Mark Hurdle this morning. I like him. He seems knowledgeable about my problems based on the questions that he asks and he is approachable. He told me his working diagnosis' for me are Trocanter (lt hip) Bursitis and Meralgia Parasthetica. He also said my MRIs were abnormal but that I could get the results from those when I see Dr Stevens next week. I recieved 2 injections today and my leg feels very week, more than normal and my calf and hammy huirt but not the thigh. Thank God for small miracles.

Is any miracle small?

Anyway, I feel like I atleast have some diagnosis now.

Thanks again for your prayers!

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