Saturday, June 29, 2013

Learning Lessons From Kids

Today was a busy day but one well spent and a life lesson learned from a 9 year old.

I spent the morning cleaning out the garage and then taking my garage sale leftovers, from 2 months ago, to the Goodwill. I had lunch with my friend Marilyn at Truffles in Tortes in Anoka and then Ken & I took Austin and Hannah to the MN Zoo. By the time Jesse picked up Hannah, I was more than a little tired and a little cranky too. Not super cranky, just on edge from a day with little time to myself.

Ken went to bed and Austin and I weren't tired yet so I turned on an old America's Got Talent and while watching it, Austin had to teach me a lesson in acceptance. This dorky comedian was getting ready to come on stage and I rolled my eyes and I told Austin that this guy was going to be a disaster. He says Gramma, how do you know that? You should give him a chance, he might turn out to be good. And ya know how the story ends.....the guy was good.

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