Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No such thing as an accidental baby

I have been listening to Accidental Babies by Damien Rice. It’s a beautifully sad song about a man’s love for his ex girlfriend and his jealous thoughts of her with her new boyfriend. He contests that if she still loves him, she should come back to him before either of them has Accidental Babies;
But do you really feel alive without me? If so, be free, if not, leave him for me Before one of us has accidental babies For we are in love
I don’t believe in the concept of accidental babies. Saying that any of us is an accident, questions Gods will. We all have a purpose regardless of how we came to be here and all babies, surprise or otherwise, deserve a chance to fulfill Gods intent. EVERY conception has a purpose and I am praying for all the surprise babies to be able to fulfill Gods dream. 

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