Thursday, September 26, 2013

WDW - Day 4 at Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom and the Hall of Presidents

We slept in and had a really late start today thus by the time we got in to Magic Kingdom and to 'Be Our Guest', it was 11:45 and the wait was over an hour so we missed out on the 2nd restaurant that gramma really wanted. We ended up at Cosmic Rays and the food was pretty good with nearly no wait so in the end it worked out.

BARNSTORMER - Or as Austin calls it, 'The Great Goofini'. Austin and I got in line and then I had to go pee so I managed to get out of line on the scooter, get to the bathroom and then back at the exit so I could tak pics. The CM guarding the exit told me I could stand there so I waited with him until Austin got to us and then at the last minute I decided to ride with him. It was fun but pretty bouncy and a little difficult for me to get in and out of. I am not sure I would ride this one again.

COSMIC RAYS STARLIGHT CAFE - Ken and I had pulled pork sandwiches, fries and cake. Chocolate and carrot cake, yummo! Austin had chicken nuggets and fries and a cookie. Table space is a premium but the food was good so I would recommend it. 

TOMORROWLAND SPEEDWAY - Ugh, what to say about this one. I didn't really want to ride but Ken and Austin begged so I gave in despite my concerns about being able to get in and out of the race car. A cast member had to actually life my leg for me because I couldnt get it over the edge and then Ken and the cast member both had to help me get out. Ken and Austin liked it but I would definately watch from the sidelines next time.

HALL OF PRESIDENTS & PRESIDENTS BOOK - Austin loves history and a trip to Magic Kingdom would not be complete without a walk through the 'Hall of Presidents'. He found a non fiction coffee table book about all of the presidents through Obama that he really wanted so I told him I would pay for half so he got it.

DREAM COME TRUE PARADE - We sat in the handicap section (across from the HOP) for the DTC parade, exactly where we sat last year and another excellent view. We all really love seeing our favorite characters come down the street. 

MID DAY REST - I am blogging this during our mid day rest. Its around 430 and Grampa is taking a nap and Austin is doing his homework. As soon as I am done, Austin and I are going to take the golf cart to the the Meadows Trading Post to pick up our purchases we had shipped here from Hollywood Studios yesterday and then we are going to swim for about half an hour before heading back to MK for the night. We still have to do Haunted Mansion, POTC, Tiki House, Tom Sawyer Island, & Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I also want to try to get on the People Mover and the Railroad but those might have to wait for tomorrow when we go back for the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. 

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