Monday, December 7, 2015

Sinus Surgery Post op day 19

See Sinus Surgey Post op day 5 for some insight into this surgery. I'm posting this if I need some sort of miserable reminder later on in life or if anyone who is thinking about sinus surgery wants some real world truths.

I'm still quite congested, really as much as I was prior to the surgery and I've had a minor headache non stop for the last 19 days. I stopped taking the pain pills I was given a week ago and now I also can feel the facial pain from my teeth all the way to my forehead.

Blowing my nose has been rather interesting. I've blown stitches out a couple times and thrice I've wondered how the blood clot I've just blown out actually fit through my nostril. My right nostril is now a bit larger than my left one and I don't know if its because of the surgical incision or because its getting stretched out from the humongous blood clots which are the size and consistency of a salamander. Sorry for the visual but that is really what it reminds me of.

Depression does not run in my family nor do I have any of the indicators for post op surgical depression (there really is such a thing) but I think I may have it. Or maybe its just frustration at not feeling better after almost 3 weeks.

A simple positive though is that I went back to work full time today. I was back half time last week and none of my work magically completed itself so I must have some value with this company.

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