Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Las Vegas Nevada & Bullhead City Arizona: 2 states, 1 day

Ken and I woke up in Las Vegas Nevada and we are going to bed in Bullhead City Arizona. Ok so Bullhead City is a border town of Laughlin but its still technically 2 states in one day. If we had come here yesterday I could have said we had hit three states in 1 day.

I woke up at 7am and like ships passing in the night Ken was coming back to bed after getting up at 5 to have breakfast and play some blackjack. I went down to Golden Nugget (Las Vegas) for some coffee and people watching.

I met a friend, a couple actually. Birds were landing at my feet looking for treats and 1 even landed on my table and tried to eat my lemon pound cake. 

After I came back to the room Ken and I drove down to Sams Town for an hours. We lost $60 but that hotel has a lot of good memories for us. 

After Sams Town, we took a nap and waited for C to give us the word that G was ok and we could head over to Bullhead City to stay at their beautiful rented house. Im not a mountain fan but the view was pretty nice to look at while I wasnt sleeping. 

C made some strawberry dacquiries for us as soon as we walked in and gave me a tour of the house. 

Heres the pool and patio

the kitchen

and our bedroom 

Wefinished the night by playing a game of cribbage out by the pool. 

its hard to get this but they have a nice view of Laughlin from their pool area. 

Good night!

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