Friday, June 26, 2009

First Blog - Ever!

I am finally into the 21st century. My children would disgree since I ask them to come over to do the most menial electronic things. Like hook up the DVD player, reset the time on my car clock when its daylight savings time, and hook up a router on my computer because it was too slow. Ok Ken did the car clock thingy but I really did need Jeff to hook up the DVD player and Jesse to set up the router. Poor things stuck with a mother like me. What’s worse is that computers are my business or that’s what everyone thinks. I am really a Business Analyst so technically, I write software development requirements but because they are for computer/web apps, all my non industry friends think I work at the help desk. I just let them think that because it’s easier than trying to explain it for the umpteenth time.

Thats my day job, but by night (or really early evening since I am asleep by 10:30) I craft. I scrapbook. I stamp. I make stuff out of paper and glue and brads and ribbon and hardware and pretty much anything that comes into my studio is fair game to be used in some way to further my paper crafting. Like last week, Austin and Logan were playing in my studio while I was halfheartedly watching Somewhere In Time/sadly missing Christopher Reeve and looking at the Splitcoast gallery when I seen Logans elmo doll. I wondered if I could make an elmo out of punches and then cut off some of the hair on his elmo doll to add to my card. ok, I DIDNT CUT OFF ANY OF HIS ELMO DOLLS HAIR. SHEESH. I am just making a point here, if it comes in the room its fair game.

That’s all I can do for now. Maybe tomorrow I will share one of my many bathroom stories that my sister thinks are so funny that she can tell her friends about it. Then when she introduces me, they say, ‘Is this the one that got stuck in the bathroom with her hand stuck down her pants?’ Sheesh

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