Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sermon on the Mount

This is the last week of a series of sermons from our local church, Grace Fellowship, on 169 and about 101st in Brooklyn Park, MN.

The series has been on the Sermon on the Mount which includes the central tenets of Christianity. I learned what a 'Beatitude' was and had a long standing question on OSAS answered. If you have never read the Sermon on the Mount or if its been a while, I encourage you to read Matthew 5-7 yourself and get re-charged. God is the greatest asset, ally, friend, father, and savior that we all have and we need to learn about and then practice these things. Some of the blessings are difficult (love thy enemies, hoarding treasures) and some are easier but I do encourage you to join me in committing to perfection by reading the Sermon on the Mount and then praying for strength. Love and miss you!

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