Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WDW Day 3 - Hollywood Studios & Jedi Training

ROPE DROP CEREMONY, ALMOST. We missed this by a couple of minutes. We heard the music and announcements but got there as people started going in.

STAR TOURS & MORE STAR TOURS. I couldnt keep Austin off this ride. He begged all day to 'just go back one more time, and it only got worse after his Jedi Training and he got his new light saber.

INDIANA JONES STUNT SPECTACULAR. Same great show as always.

PIZZA PLANET. First time to eat here. Food was good, lines were long around 12:30 but the amount and quality of food was good for DDP counter service. single serve small pizza, salad, and a cupcake.

LIGHTS MOTOR ACTION. Again same as always....

HOLLYWOOD PUBLIC WORKS. First time to see this 3 man show. The idea was to pick a new MR Public Works where male contestants had to answer questions to get an award. They chose a female contestant who ultimately won because the public works guys encouraged her to cheat.

WRITERS STOP. The coffee is below average, as were the treats and the service was bad. The barrista got both orders wrong from the people in front of us and it took forever.

JEDI TRAINING & A NEW LIGHT SABER. I think this may go down in history as Austins favorite activity. Pictures to come.

HOLLYWOOD & VINE. We had dinner here after we had to cancel our rezzies at Prime Time at the last minute, after Ken scheduled Austins Jedi Training at the same time. Dinner was buffet style and just ok but we ended up getting priority seating at Fantasmic which was wonderful. pics to come

THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE. This is a favorite of the Williams-Morehouse family. Austin is a little scared when the gangsters come out but he was definately braver than last year and I got better pics this year too.

VIP SEATING AT FANTASMIC.We in the exact middle of the show all the way in the back in handicap seating. It was fabulous. So nice that people kept trying to sneak into our section and the CM had to keep telling them to move.

Tomorrow is my favorite park, Magic Kingdom and my favorite rides; POTC and Haunted Mansion.

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